Alexandria Emergency Dentist

April 20, 2019

Toothache in Alexandria

Alexandria emergency dentist

If you have pain or get seriously ill in the middle of the night you can always go to the emergency room at your local hospital but what happens if the pain is coming from your tooth or jaw? Instead of the hospital you can call the Alexandria emergency dentist at Dental Excellence. Most toothaches are the result of decay, from a simple cavity to a situation where the tooth’s roots are infected or there is an abscess that must be taken care of immediately. Generally our doctor is able to remove the decay from the tooth and fill the cavity that is left and this relieves the pain. If the roots are involved our doctor may have to use an endodontic procedure, a root canal, to clear away the infected roots. A tooth that has gone through a sudden injury or some form of trauma can also develop pain, our doctor will stabilize the condition and work on restoring the tooth whenever possible.

Besides a toothache a dental emergency can be triggered by a number of conditions and situations, the most common include a broken or cracked tooth or teeth, broken jaw, a permanent tooth that has been knocked out, a object stuck between the teeth that causes severe discomfort, and severe pain. Often our Alexandria emergency dentist treats dental traumas that are the result of accidents and sudden injuries such as a blow to the jaw, fall or a car accident. Other emergencies can be the result of periodontal disease, an abscess, an impacted tooth or a disease of the jaw.

During a visit to our Alexandria emergency dentist our doctor has two primary goals. The first is to stop the pain and the second is to preserve the tooth or teeth involved. Preserving the teeth can include restoring broken or cracked teeth or trying to restore a tooth that has been knocked out. Treating an abscess or performing an endodontic treatment may also be necessary to relieve pain and restore the tooth. Sometimes our doctor will treat the emergency after hours and perform the full restorative services the next day when the pain has subsided. If you have an emergency please call our office.

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