Finding the Best Dentist in Alexandria

August 22, 2019

Choosing the best dentist is a big deal—dentistry is often expensive, and your oral health impacts almost every aspect of your life—from how you look to what you eat.

We’re going to show you the qualities to look for in the best dentist, and how to find one right here in Alexandria.

#1 – Excellent Dexterity

The best dentist will be able to manipulate instruments in the tight space of the mouth. He or she won’t be fatigued by leaning or standing over a patient for a long procedure.

Good manual dexterity means that your dentist will be able to gently and deftly work with good coordination—no slipping, dropping, or bumping during procedures.

#2 – Shrewd Business Acumen

Aside from his or her dental skills, your dentist needs to possess the skills needed to run an effective business.

This means that his or her staff should work well together, be sufficiently trained, understand legal requirements of running a dental practice, and communicate company policies efficiently.

A grumbly staff and complaining customers aren’t a good sign.

#3 – Continuing Education

Your dentist should keep up to date with evolving technologies in dentistry and practices within the dental field. He or she should know when an old technique works better than a new one, and vice versa.

Using an old technique is never preferable simply because your dentist is unwilling to pursue more education. Regularly training shows an interest in providing patients the best care.

#4 – Excellent Problem-Solving Ability

Oral conditions can be tricky to treat—especially given insurance and budget limitations of patients, the demands of modern living, and patients’ pain thresholds or anxieties.

The best dentist in Alexandria will be able to analyze a situation to find how to balance all of these considerations.

#5 – Honest Communication Balanced by Compassion

It’s no secret that people hate coming to the dentist. Often adults fear procedures, have shame regarding the state of their oral health, or dread the bill. A dentist who can communicate without shaming or scaring their patients is essential.

The best dentist will still be honest about the facts—deception doesn’t help anyone in the long run. Whether you’re getting good news or bad news, the best dentist in Alexandria is one who can put you at ease and be direct about solutions.

Finding the Best Dentist in Alexandria

We hope that isolating the characteristics of good dentists will help you and your family make the right decision when choosing one.

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