Biologic Dentistry | Family Preventative Care Northern Virginia

September 24, 2019

Parents know the whole family needs to visit the dentist in order to maintain oral health. Getting biologic dentistry for family preventative care in Northern Virginia extends caring for your mouth to caring for your family’s overall health. Let’s take a look at what biologic dentistry has to offer your family.

What is Biologic Dentistry?

Biologic dentistry, also called holistic dentistry, seeks to provide nontoxic dental care that sees the care of your teeth as just a part of your overall health. When you seek dental care, traditional dentists look only to the mouth to solve your dental issues. However, a biologic dentist will probe into questions about your lifestyle, emotional health, and diet to develop a treatment plan that supports total body wellness.

What Does Family Preventative Biologic Dentistry Offer?

  • 100% Mercury-Free Dental Care
  • Bio-compatible Dental Products
  • Laser Dentistry: Treats common dental conditions without the need for anesthesia, needles, sedation, or pain.
  • Amenities to maximize comfort for the whole family.
  • Conscious sedations methods, and drug-free methods for relaxation.
  • Counseling regarding nutrition, sleep habits, and a healthy home.
  • Striving to preserve natural tooth structure.
  • Ozone therapy
  • Treatment for the whole family
  • Convenient appointment times.
  • Integrative Center means no need for referrals to other clinics like orthodontics or oral surgeon.
  • Convenient Location in Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria.

Preventative care is important in biologic dentistry. Clearly, the best way to preserve natural tooth structure is to keep it from being compromised in the first place. This is why holistic dentistry places importance on maintaining good hygiene, a healthy diet, and healthy and nontoxic living. These best practices help ensure a healthy mouth and body for life.

Biologic Dentistry for the Whole Family Preventative Care in Northern Virginia

Dental Excellence Integrative Center seeks to provide the whole family with preventative care in Alexandria, Northern Virginia that is comfortable, non-toxic, and supportive of total body wellness. We take every opportunity to provide excellent dental care that is comfortable and reduces anxiety. We welcome your who family to experience the difference. Call (703) 745-5496 or click here to schedule an appointment today!