Emergency Treatment

Dental emergencies happen and when they do, Dental Excellence Integrative Center is here to help you onto the road to recovery and back to healthy dental condition. Our proactive health and biologic approach relieve pain and saves time and money for future dental concerns.

Discomfort, swelling or bleeding in your teeth, gums and mouth should be should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent advancement of the damage and/or infections.

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Call Dental Excellence Integrative Center at (703) 745-5496 or send a message to care@dentalexcellenceva.com so we can help you with your dental emergency.

We quickly diagnose dental emergencies with our ultra low dose dental imaging system and laser light cavity finder.

Specialized treatments are available such as holistic Ozone therapy and Laser light treatment that kill infections faster and improve healing times.

Dental Excellence Integrative Center has Emergency Dental Care You Can Trust!

Our dentists have abundance of experience can take care of all your emergency dental needs at Dental Excellence Integrative Center.