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Holistic Dentistry in Alexandria

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentists offer gentle and precise care utilizing biologically safe technology and treatment methods. Recognizing that oral health, systemic health and overall well-being are interconnected; a holistic dentist provides care that considers all aspects of one’s health. Placing an emphasis on nutrition and preventative care, holistic dentistry embraces natural treatment methods as well as alternative healthcare practices to maintain healthy smiles, promote whole body wellness, and chart a path to healing.

Why Holistic Dentistry?

While providing a full spectrum of services, holistic dentists strictly avoid using any dental materials and dental products that contain certain metals, toxins or ingredients that may cause health problems. Holistic dentists are also experienced and equipped to safely remove potentially harmful existing dental work and effectively replace this work with new restorations that support both oral health and overall well-being.  

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