8 Helpful Dental Tips

August 27, 2019

Our oral health impacts every facet of our lives.

Here are eight tips from your local dentist in Alexandria, Virginia to maximize your oral health. Keep reading to sharpen your oral health knowledge.

Tip #1 – Brush

No brainer tip here. Brushing is super important. Brush twice a day. Manual or electric? The brush that allows you to brush for two minutes, using appropriate pressure, is the best brush.

Tip #2 – Floss

Does it really make that much of a difference? The answer is yes! Floss goes where brushes just can’t.

Gently removing plaque from just below the gum line and in-between teeth can help prevent many cavities and maintain gum health.

Tip #3 – Use a Tongue Scraper

Your brush also works. Taking some extra time to scrub your tongue can result in fresher breath and get rid of food particles.

Tip #4 – Drink Water

Water is nature’s most perfect drink! Being hydrated supports total health. Proper hydration also supports adequate saliva production, which is important to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Tip #5 – Don’t Smoke

If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you smoke now, do everything you can to reduce or eliminate your use of tobacco totally.

Smoking decreases your overall health, and it increases your risk of more advanced oral diseases.


Tip #6 – Limit Sugary and Acidic Snacks and Drinks

Rinse with water after consuming sugary and acidic drinks and snacks. Limit them if you can, and choose fruits and vegetables to snack on.

These crunchy foods also remove bacteria from your teeth. Consider using a straw when drinking acidic drinks so that you can avoid exposing your teeth as much to these harmful substances.

Tip #7 – Change Your Toothbrush

When you notice the bristles wearing down, or if it’s been three months, change your toothbrush.

Incidentally, if you’ve just had the cold or flu, you should change your toothbrush again to prevent reinfection.

Tip #8 – Come See Us!

Having cleanings & check ups twice a year ensures that problems can be caught and treated earlier—when they’re easiest to cure.

Plus, if you’re having issues flossing or finding an oral care routine that works for you, your dentist and oral hygienist can make recommendations based on your personal needs and challenges.

Visit the Dentist in Alexandria

Use these helpful tips to maintain your oral health between visits to the hygienist and dentist. We have amenities that can make the whole process much more enjoyable.

When it’s time to schedule your six-month check up and cleaning, give us a call at (703) 745-5496 or click here.

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