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Partial and Full Dentures in Alexandria

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If you are missing teeth dentures could be a replacement option. You could use them as a temporary solution or have them relined or remade as they ware out.

Here at Dental Excellence Integrative Center, we keep the muscle and joint function into consideration when making dentures. We can make you dentures that improve your appearance.

Every set of Facelift Dentures is custom designed to work with the muscles in your mouth to operate as closely as natural teeth as possible. It’s literally a dental makeover for your smile and facial appearance. Patients who undergo the Facelift Denture process tell us they feel more confident in their smile.

Dentures don’t have to make you look older. In fact, quality dentures can turn back the clock and help you look dramatically younger. Not only that, but they can actually slow the aging process and help you look younger for longer.

Neuromuscular dentures are designed and manufactured with the goal of creating dentures that fit harmoniously in the mouth and jaw system, emphasizing proper function and optimal patient comfort.

Implant Supported Denture

If you are missing multiple teeth, our team may recommend replacing them with dental implants or completing your smile with an implant-supported appliance. Unlike conventional dentures, implant supported dentures utilize dental implants to secure bridges or dentures. State-of-the-art implants hold everything securely in place to restore the appearance, comfort and functionality of your smile.

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