ALF Transformational Orthodontics: The Revolutionary Way to Orthodontic Treatment

June 4, 2019

Advanced Lightwire Functional Appliance (ALF) is the amazing and sensational advancement in holistic orthodontics. While typical braces can only straighten teeth, the ALF Transformational Orthodontics device will increase the size of the jaw. Thus, this process helps our body with alleviation of allergies, sleep apnea, sensory processing, opening of airway, development of ideal swallowing, digestive issues, neck and back pain, TMJ disfunction and vision problems such as blurred vision.

In addition, ALF therapy is used for creating a transformational and holistic approach. This helps create synergy for orthodontic treatment with regards to orientation of the whole. Specifically, ALF uses the process of cranial osteopathy. Cranial osteopathy is the natural and sensational practice of cranial and facial manipulation to treat body mal-alignment and overall health.

Moreover, ALF therapy is based on aligning the head, neck and jaw as nature intended, to improve a patient’s quality of life and day to day function. This treatment has years of feedback from osteopathic and chiropractic physicians for positive results.

Is treatment easy?

Yes, treatment is comfortable, easy and minimally invasive. The total procedure includes the use of a fitted, thin, non-visible, hypoallergenic metal appliance on the inside of the teeth. Maintenance of the appliance includes the use of an oral irrigation device and is easier than traditional braces. Expansion occurs through wearing the ALF device full time with an in- office adjustment every 4-6 weeks. There is an adjustment period of 2-3 days for patients, however, they don’t even realize they have the appliance in afterwards.

Who can now benefit from ALF orthodontics?

 ALF treatment is beneficial to patients of all ages. Most children will begin ALF treatment between the ages of 5-8 before facial growth is complete to promote proper growth and development. ALF can also be prescribed to adults as treatment for allergies from narrow nasal airways, hearing issues, bite correction, musculoskeletal pain and sleep apnea.

The remarkable benefits:

Last but not least, the use of ALF therapy can create an environment of enhanced neurological function and a more balanced facial appearance by mimicking nature. The use of ALF therapy will allow patients to suddenly notice an improvement in their quality of life.